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Our Story

Hector Gomez arrived in Ventura in 1992 with the dream of one day owning his own restaurant. It took eight years of hard work and determination before his dream was fully realized. In that time, Hector learned every facet of the restaurant business, from dish-washing to management. He worked as a server and manager seven days a week for many years, cultivating the fine art of customer service. Working alongside a handful of family members, Hector’s vision of Café Zack became centered on high-quality food and great service.

In November of 2000, after the restaurant had twice changed ownership, Hector proudly became sole proprietor and owner of Café Zack. The restaurant’s loyal customers were pleased to see the business in such good hands after many years of feeling welcomed by Hector’s warm smile. The next time you visit Café Zack, it will be his smile that greets you when you arrive and expresses gratitude for your patronage when you leave. Hector and the rest of the Café Zack family thank you for bringing this dream to life and giving us the pleasure of serving you.

Hector Gomez
Salome Cervantes
Head Chef
  • Hector Gomez
  • Salome Cervantes
    Head Chef

    Our Location

    1095 East Thompson Blvd
    Ventura, CA 93001
    -In Business Since 1992-


    Business Hours

    Mon - Fri 11:00AM - 2:00PM
    Mon - Sat: 5:30PM - 9:00PM
    *Closed on Sundays & Major Holidays

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